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Tips For Great Sleep

Tips For Great Sleep ÇağrıMerkezin

1. Come Up With a Routine

One of the things you need to do is come up with and stick to a routine. Routine is essential for the body and a lot of people don’t have one right now. By coming up with a routine, you can get your body back into a natural cycle. Your body goes through a natural cycle that dictates when it’s time to wake up and sleep. This is known as the circadian rhythm. Try to get your sleep cycle back on track and consistent. The best way to do this is by waking up when the sun rises and going to bed when you feel tired. Ideally, you want to get rid of the blinds or have light-colored blinds to allow the sun to creep through. This will have you awoken by your blinds rather than an alarm clock. While you’ll likely sleep in longer for a couple of weeks, you’ll eventually begin to wake up naturally. While everyone’s body is different, you should try to aim to sleep anywhere from 7 to 9 hours each night.

2. Stick To Using Your Bedroom For Sleeping

One of the best things you can do to optimize your sleep would be to avoid using your bedroom for anything other than sleeping. Avoid using your bedroom as an office or anything else. Ideally, you want to keep your bedroom limited to sleeping. That way, you learn to associate it with a place where you go to sleep. You don’t want to use it as a place to watch TV or anything else. Your bedroom should be dark at night. Any artificial light whether coming from a TV or mobile phone is going to trick your body into thinking it’s daytime. If you need to continue using electronics in your room or if you have to use them while in bed, turn them onto a blue light filter or night-time mode.

3. No Naps

Naps are not conducive to good sleep. As you look to establish a routine, the last thing you want to do is start napping. You want your body to get tired when it’s nighttime. If you start taking naps, your body is going to get more rest during the day and it will disrupt your circadian rhythm as a result. While it’s best to stick to no napping, you can if you tired during the day get in a quick 20-minute nap.

4. Avoid Caffeine Later In The Day

You’ll want to avoid drinking or taking caffeine later in the day. Ideally, you should limit caffeine consumption to before noon. This is generally a good time to cut it off because caffeine takes hours to go through your body. Caffeine is a stimulant. Therefore, if you drink caffeine too late in the day, it could result in you not being tired at night.

5. Get Exercise

You’ll want to incorporate some exercise into your daily life. Try to get some strength training in and even some cardio. This can help you tire yourself out and improve your sleep quality overall.

6. Get Outdoors

You’ll want to expose yourself to natural light as soon as you wake up. This can help to wake your body up.

7. Change Your Bedtime Routine

Before when it’s time to go to sleep, avoid all electronics and do something that can make you tired. For a lot of people, reading before bed can help one fall asleep. Ensure that your bedroom is clutter free and comfortable so you are able to relax and enjoy a peaceful slumber. If your mattress has seen better days read these Casper mattress reviews and consider an upgrade.

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